Full Moon Energy Detox

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Have you Lost Your Energy and Passion for Life?

Without joy and interest and passion for life, life becomes a drag. We can’t create, we can’t love and we can’t change!

Without a seasonal cleanse (or even small monthly cleanses) we will allow that old memory and old food to add toxins to our bodies and allow new toxins to remain. You are trapping the old toxins. And you are allowing new toxins to set up home in your body when you continue to hold on to old stuff in your body.

Learn the proven methods to cleanse and detox your mind, body and spirit with this 10 day Full Moon Cleanse. Try this proven system to restart your digestion, your emotions and your purpose.

Do you feel exhausted every day and have you lost your zest for life? Is food starting to feel like more of a chore than a joy? Do you drag yourself out of bed every morning? Are your relationships becoming work instead of fun? Do you feel you need to hit the RESET BUTTON?

And yet you keep at it. Working every day, engaging with your friends, dragging yourself through life. In the back of your mind you are wondering if there is anyway out the rut that you are in? Is there any way to RESET your life so you have the passion you once had?

You can cleanse your body completely and allow for the changes that come with a complete Full Moon Body Cleanse. Your Mind, Body and Spirit will benefit from the cleanse. You will feel energized. You will feel inspired. You will feel passion again.

Why should you Cleanse and Detox with the Moon?

The Moon cycles through an alternating pattern of Empty and Full. We too need to follow these patterns in our own lives. Alternating adding and emptying our lives. If we do not take time to empty, we become exhausted, toxic and confused.

You may feel at times like you have overextended yourself.

You may feel that you are forever reaching and never achieving all the goals you have set for yourself.

You may be pushing and pushing and finding no end to the work.

There is always another task to complete.

Why not listen to the Wisdom of the Moon’s Cycles? Humans have followed the natural patterns of the earth for like 1000s of years! Our patterns of time and our calendar are based on the movement of the moon and the sun.

So what does the Moon tell us about Cleansing and Recovery?

When the moon is NEW it is dark and quiet. The moon has been taking a rest. It is only after the darkness of the New Moon that the moon grows and adds light!

The days after the New Moon are a time of Growth and Expansion. This is the ideal time for us to Expanding Energy; a time to ADD new things as well.

Yet, once the moon is FULL it is as full as it can get!

So, after the full moon we need to Contract and Release. This is Releasing Energy. In the weeks after the FULL Moon we will have the most success with LETTING GO of things we are holding onto - including toxins in our bellies!

When you use the Releasing Energy of the Moon your cleanse will be empowered.

Following the FULL MOON - this time of contraction and release - is ideal for conducting a cleanse. This is because just like the moon, we possess the same energetic desire to let go as well.

A cleanse is about letting go. Letting go of:

  • toxins from our food,
  • toxins from our past and
  • toxins from our minds.

With the Full Moon Energy Cleanse you can, Let go of:

  • all that stuff that is trapped in your body: your intestines, your stomach, your cells. You will feel energized and light
  • emotional baggage that you have been carrying around with you - maybe from generations ago. You will begin to create a new story for the future.
  • Indecision. Find yourself with clarity and able to make decisions to change and cleanse your life.

If you leave it the way things are you will have fossilized memories in your liver, gut and mind. The mind is a direct link to the way we feel: our minds and emotions are tied to our digestive health!

Let go. Set yourself free. Allow yourself to feel happy and connected.

Finally start to feel the energy and lightness of being that you have been looking for for years.

You can do it! With the Full Moon Energy Cleanse you will find support. In just 10 days - with a clear guide for your foods, recipes and teaching videos - you can do your own DIY cleanse.


Try the Cleanse yourself - send me your food choices every day and photos of your detox soup. If your body doesn’t start to feel different by the end of the 10 days, I will refund your money completely.


Ask Yourself:

What do you have planned for your New Year’s Resolutions over the next 3 months?

What will you do to improve your diet and increase your energy levels?

How will you start to change your emotional outlook on life?

In a few months you will be wishing that you had a programme to follow to help learn new way to take care for yourself and your body.

You will see changes in your:

  • Skin
  • Mood
  • Sleep, and
  • Energy

Everything around you will begin to change as well.

You will find more joy in your:

  • Job
  • Relationships, and
  • Activities

This Full Moon Cleanse will help take you to this new awareness and energy levels.

If you’re searching for a way to reset your body because you’re stuck in old patterns - whether it is low energy, bad digestion, poor sleep, healing difficult relationships or finding energy for life - I am wondering:

  1. Do you know how to get from where you are now to where you want to be?
  2. Do you know how to allow your liver to cleanse and your digestion to improve so you can feel invigorated and a renewed energy for life?
  3. Do you know what to do to increase your energy, feel happier and improve your relationships in the next 10 days, one month or one year?

What's Included?

This 10-Day Full Moon Energy Cleanse offers Natural ways to restart your energy levels, improve your sleeping and feel more invigorated by life.

This is a full body cleanse for your mind, body and home.

9 Cooking Videos to simplify your cleanse

  • Each five minutes long to make the recipes easy and accessible
  • All you need is a stove top

A Shopping List to make it super simple to prepare for your cleanse

  • Get ready before for you cleanse with a list of foods all in one place

A pre-list of Food to add

  • You can ease into the cleanse with a few healthy foods added to your diet before you get fully into the programme

Eight Key Recipes for your easy access to healthy choices for your cleanse

Three Day Meal Plan to outline exactly what is best for you to eat during your cleanse and when the best timings are to allow your body to release.

Meditations to begin your journey towards release emotional and habitual baggage

Worksheets to inspire you to think deeply about what you are desiring to change and transform during your RESET.

Moon Insights to empower your efforts at Cleansing with the energy of the Moon as it cycles round the earth. You are connected to that great being that is the earth. You may have lost sight of the connection, yet there is a reminder every month.

Reconnect to your body, your mind and your energy with this Full Moon Energy Cleanse.

Re-believe that you are a part of a greater purpose and energy on this earth.

If you want more support and you want to go DEEP you can work with me one:one with a personalized 20 minute session. Find out what is at the root of yourself stopping yourself from reaching your higher goals. Find out why you are stopping yourself from getting what you desire.


Self-Care Guide and Meditations Course (three meditations, two videos, worksheets, etc.). This is quite extensive as a course on it’s own. Downsell


How Can I Start to Reconnect: Moon Makeover (PDF and video) - this is a beautiful PDF I created back in the spring. This works well to break into a PDF and a Tripwire.


Five Day Self Care Email Challenge - Email Sequence and PDF download - this I would like to run as a freebie.

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The cleanse was good thanks - pretty easy actually! I had three days of workshop training during the cleanse, but luckily clean healthy vegan food was provided on all three days.

The cleanse went really well after the first couple of days and I extended to 12 days to complete the second week. It took a little while, but by the end I felt leaner, healthier and brighter.

Actually, I'm looking forward to making some culinary delights with my new ingredients; I mixed quinoa with buckwheat, cocoa nibs in the spelt, which was quite nice as is.

Your Instructor

Dr Luna-Mama Katherine
Dr Luna-Mama Katherine

Dr. Katherine is a Naturopathic Doctor working to help women respect and connect to their bodies., feel connected to their bodies and women get pregnant naturally with nourishing foods, herbal magic, and moon energy.

Katherine struggled herself with the grief of a miscarriage during Medical College. She understands how women can develop an all-encompassing passion to reproduce regardless of the logical limits.

Using herbs and vitamins and closely monitoring her own ovulation cycle, fertility became the focus of her naturopathic practice. Dr Katherine knows that you need to consciously create a super healthy body and mind to manifest another creative being within you.

As a Naturopathic Doctor she will guide you to regulate and balance your fertility with natural remedies. Using the cycles of the moon you will engage both mind and body to ensure a healthy fertile body.

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